Binder Navigation, automatic and keyed

  • When I move a document via Menu > Document > Move > To > … [keyed], the Binder’s apparent focus goes with the document (though the action-focus is lost until I Alt-Tab).
    Is this the intent? (In my general use of moving things, I’d rather stay in the vicinity of the where the item was, not where it went, but I can see that opinions may vary.)
    Is this related to what happens with trashed items?

  • When I execute Menu > View > Collections > Next/Previous Collection [keyed] while the focus in an Editor, it works … the Binder/Collection focus shifts. When I issue the seemingly same command via keyed shortcut, it apparently does not. (I have noticed similar decision path differences between Menu keying and their analogous shortcuts, affecting the Menu keystroke underline-hint and this kind of consequence.)

  • When I select one or more items in the Binder (or an outlining Editor), then move them down the tree using Ctrl-Down, I expected that once it/they reached the bottom of the display, the tree would scroll, keeping the selected item(s) in view. (As it would do were I moving the item(s) with the mouse.)
    It did not … the selection merely disappears off the bottom of the display (and keeps going as directed).