Binder navigation/display out of whack

My binder display is out of whack.

Any selection opens the file alright but immediately sends the selected binder to the bottom of the screen. Very unpractical for navigation.

Haven’t been able to figure out how it happened or how to fix it. On my other projects, it’s okay, but cannot see the difference in settings.


Do you mean the item you select in the binder goes to the bottom of the editor pane? Do you have a horizontal split-screen activated?

Is it possible for you to attach a screenshot so someone can more fully answer your question?

And if you do mean that clicking in the Binder always loads things in the bottom editor no matter what, you might have changed a setting, as there is a feature that does just this on purpose: View/Binder Affects/. For default functioning, set this to “Current editor”.

Thanks for your reply! No horizontal split-screen. Have attached a screen shot.

Thanks for chipping in! Haven given the View/Binder Affects settings a try but seen no impact or change.