Binder navigation

Not sure whether this is tech support or a feature request, but:

I do a lot of structuring in the Binder. But while I’m typing in a Binder title field, I can’t use Documents>Move or keyboard shortcuts. OmniOutliner and a bunch of others reserve and <shift+tab> for moving headings right or left, whether or not one is typing at the time. Scriv picks up pretty much any key combination with a in it as a request to shift focus to the main pane.

So the short question is: Is there, or will there ever be, a quick way to “promote/demote” items in the Binder hierarchy while actually typing? Or do I have to out, promote/demote as wanted, then click back in the Binder doc title field to continue?

I would just change my habits and work in the Outline, except (a) the same thing happens there and (b) I can’t see the top-level view of the Binder in Outline view.

Hi Michael,

Yeah, this won’t change. Scrivener’s outlines are based on Apple views, whereas Omni wrote their own outliner view from the ground up, hence fundamental differences. Like you say, you can just hit Esc, then make the changes, then hit Esc again to start editing again.


Roger wilco.