Binder: need space between folder and arrow

The binder interface needs more room between the folders icon and the arrow for documents. Actually it needs to also be a few pixels farther away from the edge. I have large hands and it’s very difficult to just hit the arrow instead of the folder list icon.

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Hi @smhauck,

If you’re trying to drill down from a parent row to child docs, then tap the parent row. (There’s no need to try to press the arrow at the right edge.) So, to see the children of Outlines, press the Outlines row.

If you’re trying to see the text of a parent row doc, then tap the document icon to the left of the arrow. So, if you want to see the text of Outlines, tap the document icon to the left of the arrow on the Outlines row.

You can also left-swipe a row for additional options.

Does any of that help? If not, please clarify what you’re trying to do?



Looking at the photo that @smhauck posted he is using his thumb to touch the screen. He, like me, has a large thumb and it covers more than one of the icons on each row.