Binder not syncing with Collections

Hi all. I’m in big trouble with a six book series I’m trying to finish off in scrivener.
Why do some files I change text for in collections change in the binder, but others don’t?
I just edited six chapters and find that only some of the binder file text can be altered in the collection? It’s like some folders are not in sync!

Are you synchronizing your project across devices at all? It’s possible that you’re dealing with some kind of data corruption.

If that’s not it, the Binder and Collections are just different ways to display exactly the same files. So the most likely cause of this problem is that you have duplicate files somewhere in the project. You can find them by searching for text that you would expect to see in both versions.


The View/Reveal in Binder menu command can help you locate where an item is actually stored. You can select a number of items in fact and locate them all simultaneously. If the collection has a quantity that don’t seem to be impacting the files you think they should, select them all and run that command. You might find the actual files are in the Trash or something, older version you forgot to cycle out of the collection with the new ones or something of that nature.

Thanks Kewms and AmberV, you were both right. I had made a duplicate of one set of files and trashed the wrong ones. Reveal in Binder found them for me. Problem solved.
Thanks for your help :smiley: