Binder only view as a drop box

When I’m researching I tend to get very focused on the research and just click away saving bookmarks. I find having a split screen with another app open to be distracting for the drag and drop.

I love being able to import web archives into Scrivener but as a result I tend to have to do it after I’ve done a research session, not during.

It would be a huge help if a shortcut existed in any form whereby the web archive or web clipping or pdf is imported into scrivener with one click, from outside scrivener.

I’m not sure how possible this is, looking at the way scrivener is structured, I suspect the app would have to be running and the relevant project open for the short cut to function, so I have a suggestion (and you’re now going to tell me this already exists and I never knew it)

Have a one-click Binder only view that turns the binder into a research drop box so it can just be sitting there in the corner, above all other windows, allowing more efficient use of the drag and drop functionality that already exists.

Actually, no such feature exists, though you could position your web browser to the right of the Binder and just drop URLs into it. Here is what I do when collecting a bunch of research. I just save the pages in Safari. Cmd-S, choose a location, and press enter. Worry about titles later or never. After you choose a location once it will remember it, so from that point on saving pages is Cmd-S/Enter in rapid sequence. Once I have enough material collected to move forward in Scrivener, I just drag and drop all dozen web pages into the Binder at once. It’s the same number of steps as what you are proposing, and it doesn’t involve new modes to be developed for the Binder.

There is no hot-key function in Scrivener right now because you can have multiple projects open at once. It wouldn’t know where to put things. EagleFiler gets around this problem by having a third window in the corner where you select the active database. Since that is the whole point of EF, having such clutter is okay. In Scrivener it would probably be overkill. It was never designed to a be a data collection program like Yojimbo or EagleFiler. That said, I don’t think the method I described above is any more cumbersome than what these specialised applications support.

You know I’ve never used Cmd-S/Enter. Having switched from Windows to Mac only about a year and a half ago, I still have much to learn. Will give it a whirl. I use Firefox and it seems to work the same.

True, but I specifically mentioned Safari because it can handle WebArchive files and Firefox cannot. Firefox will generate HTML files, or complete directories containing the HTML file and everything it needs to display that without an Internet connexion, but neither are as useful to Scrivener as WebArchives (unless you are importing with text conversion turned on, then it doesn’t matter).

If you want a friendly balance between Safari and Firefox, you might try Camino. It uses the same rendering engine that Firefox uses, but has a friendly interface slapped on top, and more importantly, can save to WebArchive.

Ah, see what you mean. I just messed around with Safari. Painless enough.

It’s quicker than the method I was using before. Any improvement is better than none at all. Thanks. :astonished: