Binder organization different between ipad and mac on dropbox

I moved the location of a binder folder on the ipad and something went wrong. Now I see the documents under the folder in two locations: outside the folder, and inside the folder as well, with the folder showing a little arrow to the right. I am not able to open or close that folder like other folders. But that is only a problem on the ipad. The project is on dropbox in the standard location.

If I open the same project on a mac laptop, the binder looks normal as I would expect. The documents are under the folder and not outside the folder also. I tried restoring from back up, removing the project from dropbox, restoring a fresh version of the project to dropbox. Nothing works so far. The binder is still screwed up when viewed from the ipad. I searched the forum and found nothing, so excuse me if this is an FAQ.

I suspect if I make a copy of the project with a new name, then this will go away, but thought I’d see what others have to same about this first. Any hints welcome!

Based on your description it does not sound like anything has gone wrong. You are misinterpreting what you are seeing in iOS Scriv. Let me explain.

You know how on Scrivener on MacOS you can “twiddle open” a folder in the Binder to see its contents listed below it, and can likewise twiddle it closed? Hold onto that thought.

In iOS you probably typically work with folders by “drilling down” into them – when you do this the binder area just shows you the contents of the folder and nothing else (you can actually do this also in MacOS, but let’s not worry about that now).

But you can /also/ twiddle open/close folders in iOS Scrivener.

What you have done on iOS is twiddle open the folder in question. So, its contents are showing in the binder underneath it (and so you could open those files directly) – and you will notice the docs show slightly indented compared to the folder – just like on the mac. But you can also still drill down into the folder (even though it is twiddled open) and that is what the little arrow is for. So, what you are seeing is two different presentations of the same files in the folder, not any kind of document duplication or screw up.

To twiddle open or closed a folder in Scriv iOS, swipe left on the folder to reveal some action items. There you will see a button saying either Expand or Collapse (depending on whether the folder is currently twiddled closed or open).

So great. Worked. So many features to learn. Thanks!