Binder/Outline-mode keyboard shortcuts


  • In outline mode, is there a keystroke way to get back to a distant, previously selected document or container within the currently viewed outline (to a previous ‘location’), as the outline’s back arrow’s tooltip suggests and as occurs in the Binder?
    Instead of to the window’s previous display-states?
    (An aside: When this navigation is attempted in the Binder, the document is brought up in the attached text editor as expected, but though Scrivener’s focus shifts to that editor, the cursor there is inactive: I have to Ctrl-Tab around back to the editor for the cursor to become active. (I understand :unamused: … or click there.))

  • Could there be a Binder or outline keystroke way to select only-all-items within an expanded container, a folder/document, from within. What this newbie was expecting to happen was a selection analogous to what Ctrl-A actually does in scrivening mode, selecting only all-the-‘lines’ within the document in which the cursor sits, rather than Ctr-A’s selecting the whole project, top to bottom, including Trash. (See below for related matters.)
    Info Select for example, uses Ctrl-A to select all the open container’s items. It does not seem that I can do the same kind of selection in Scrivener with a single key/combo.
    Such a present-container-only select-all would be of use.
    (Similar to Ctrl-A’s, the selection by Shift-Home/End also does not stay local, within the container, but instead selects all the way to the top of the project or displayed outline – from some single item within the container! – or all the way to the bottom. … A curious selection choice.)

  • In an outline or the Binder, there are 3 different keystrokes that (try to) do the same thing: Go to the top or bottom of the displayed tree:
    But there are none that go to the first or last document within a container (which was my thought for Home/End), much as Ctrl-Home/End does to the first/last lines in scrivening mode.
    (For economy’s sake, one key/combo could be enough to got to the top/bottom, freeing up one key-combo and allowing another, Home/End?, free for intra-container navigation.)

And when Ctrl-Home tries to got to the top of the outline/tree, there is an apparent ‘loss of focus’. In an outline or the Binder, a Ctrl-Home seems to do nothing: the apparent selection remains on the same item as it was before the Ctrl-Home. However, follow that with down-arrow, the selection appears to jump up to the first item below the top of the outline – ‘as if’ the Ctrl-Home had actually moved Scrivener’s attention to the top of the outline/Binder, but didn’t show it.
(Ctrl-End ‘works’ in a similar fashion except of course it is the up-arrow that seems to move the selection, to next-to-bottom.)