Binder reorganisation not transferring to outline


I’ve been using Scrivener for about six months now, and it has immeasurably improved the way I write. I’m still tripping myself up over little things, though.

Today I encountered a strange new phenomenon while working on the outline for a screenplay. I’ve put the scenes into act folders and noticed that one act had jumped out of sequence in Outline view. I corrected this in the Binder (which I hope is the correct term for the scene listings running down the left of the screen) and the scenes are now in the right order in the Binder. In the central pane the scenes are in the correct order when I view them as fully-written scenes and in Corkboard view. In Outline view, however, the sequence remains stubbornly out of order and refuses to let me change it. Does anyone have any notion of what I’ve done wrong to cause this?

Many thanks,


It sounds like you’ve got the outliner view sorted by one of the columns. Look in the column headers for one that’s slightly darker and has a triangle on the right side, then click that until it returns to the standard light gray and the triangle disappears. It’s a three-way toggle for the sort: ascending, descending, off.

Right on the money! Thank you so much for this explanation. Order has been restored…