Binder search function

:unamused: How to search for a doc in the binder?

Noticed a bit of problem with the magnifying glass at top of binder when you click on it the Binder column completely disappears—can’t get it back unless go to viewer—‘reveal binder’, also could not see where to type in text for the search?..
Noticed at the top of the bar to the right is another search magnifying glass ‘find synopsis’ this does find a doc in binder, but does not highlight the doc in the list of binder files?

Okay, there are several ways to find things in Scrivener, and each have their own special purposes. The Find Synopsis feature is nice if you know the name of something, or perhaps a bit of the text you have written into the synopsis (or the front of the index card). It by itself does not highlight anything or change the project environment; that is in fact one of its strengths. It lets you search for things without changing your working space.

What it sounds like to me is that you have your Collections tabs open, and you clicked on the “Search Results” tab, which has a magnifying glass beside it. This will be empty if you’ve never used it before. The way to use it is the search field in the toolbar, or Ctrl-Cmd-F to move your cursor there (or pop up a window if the toolbar is hidden). Search results are special because they are remembered between sessions. You can always get back to the binder view by clicking on the “binder” tab, or clicking the “X” button at the bottom of the sidebar. This isn’t so much a “problem” as you put it, its just the way the program works.

If you haven’t already done so, I really recommend going through the Interactive Tutorial, found in the help menu. It introduces the basic interface and how to use the program.

:unamused: Hi Amber thanks for your reply.
Yes I did deactivate the Collections in the Binder, but further to your instruction about doing a search in the search window in the tool bar, once typing in a search ‘phrase’ key word and clicking the magnifying glass icon it does not return a list with that phrase or word in it, i.e. the name of a doc in the plot list in the binder. It does not appear to search through the list of names of docs either in the plot section or the research section of binder? How do you search specifically that list of docs/notes/pdfs/web links in the binder side bar list using the search function in tool bar?
In addition, I looked thru the tutorial and there does not appear to be a specific instructions on this there. I noticed once you put text in the search window the binder file list of docs in the plot and reasearch list totally disappears?
Only way to get those file lists back again in binder is to go into view menu at top and click ‘reveal in finder’, then the list comes back…all of this does not appear simple at all.
Also I see in the search window it gives you options of where to search with ticks assigning the search areas. I don’t see a tick for binder files only ‘search in binder selection only’. Does this have bearing on how the search function works, and how do you assign those ticks…is it in preferences?

Like I said before, you can also click the ‘X’ button to dismiss search results and return to the Binder. The menu command is also there too, which is useful if you wish to bind a keyboard shortcut to it. Or if you have the Collections tabs open, you can just click on the Binder tab. Think of these like browser tabs. When you click on one it shows you the contents of the tab, but that doesn’t mean the other tabs cease to exist, just that they are not currently being shown.

It could be that your search parameters are set up to only search for a narrow piece of information. Try clicking on the magnify glass in the search toolbar, and make sure it is set to “All”. You will find other options there that might help you out. For instance if you are searching for scattered words, but have the tool set to “Exact Phrase” then it might not work as expected.

If you do indeed have a checkmark beside “Search Binder Selection Only”, then that would potentially greatly limit the results, as it would only look within the items you had selected when you started the search. Disable that to search the entire project. This isn’t a matter of preferences, how you search is saved in the project itself. It uses whatever you did last. This setting is not selected by default, so ordinarily it works in the most expansive way you would expect. It seems at some point you must have selected some options that are narrowing the results down beyond what is useful to you.

You are correct, most of these options are not covered in the tutorial as they are more advanced.