Binder Selection Affects not sticking

In the last couple of days, I’ve noticed that my preference for Binder Selection Affects is not ‘sticking’. When using a split editor, I prefer Binder selections to affect the right editor, and have ticked Navigate->Binder Selection Affects->Right Editor Only. Every time I do this, the behaviour is as expected. However, if I switch view to single editor, or use a layout, and then return to split editor, Scrivener does not remember my preference and reverts to Binder Selection Affects->Left Editor Only (perhaps this is the default?).

This has been happening for about a week now. I’ve quit and restarted Scrivener a number of times, and have rebooted my laptop on a couple of occasions also. Any thoughts on how I can make my preference stick? It began happening after I moved the project that I’m doing the vast bulk of my current work on out of my Dropbox folder, though I doubt that has any relevance.

Just a minor annoyance that I’d like to resolve!

I’m running Scriv 3.1.2, using macOS 10.13.6.

You mentioned using Layouts, if that is primarily how you switch things up, make sure you’re saving the Binder Affects setting into these layouts the way you want. That setting is something under the purview of a layout, so using one with a different setting will always change it.

Closing a split normally (with the ⌘’ shortcut, or clicking the icon in the header bar) shouldn’t reset the setting. Normally you would see it still in effect the next time you split the view.

Dropbox in theory could cause problems, but if it were you would see traces of that in the project package’s Settings folder. If there are duplicate settings files in there coming from Dropbox, maybe the project isn’t being fully synced each time you switch machines.

Thanks Ioa. I’ve just re-read the Dual Navigation Tips info box that pops up when I move into that Layout – I should have twigged that Binder Selection Affects would stay with the left editor. From a couple of quick tests, that’s the reason for the behaviour I’m experiencing. Just so that I understand correctly, when I move from Dual Navigation back to single editor view, I have to reset the preference to the right editor, is that right? Not a problem, just useful to have to remember.

Re Dropbox, should I check the project’s settings files? Just to be clear, I have taken the project out of Dropbox, and haven’t actually opened it on another device in months.

Only if you use a layout that switches that feature off (or changes it to something else). You can’t modify how the built-in window settings work, but you can create your own custom layouts from them. Creating my own “default” or “single” layout that leaves the binder-affects setting enabled in the background is how I would approach it.

I wouldn’t suspect that Dropbox is the problem, just affirming it is theoretically possible. You would probably notice a lot more than just one UI setting changing, if the whole UI settings file was reverting to yesterday’s or something like that—if you’ve ever had a crash or unexpected shut-down then you’ll know what that looks like, as final window settings are not updated on the disk until closing properly. And if you aren’t using multiple machines, it’s pretty difficult to conflict these files with one device.

Ah, of course. Will investigate creating a custom layout. I had forgotten I could do that, given that the dual navigation layout is in every other respect perfect for my needs.

Good to know. Thanks as ever for the help.