Binder selection context menu needs an "Open in Current Editor"


Our binder context menu options currently enable us to open the selected document in Other Editor, in Quick Reference, and in Copyholder. But I think Scrivener also needs an Open in Current Editor option for those who have selected Other Editor or None under Binder Selection Affects..

Also, Navigate > Open offers Left Editor and Right Editor options (for those who have chosen a vertical split). Not seeing a logical distinction, so I’d suggest that Navigate > Open and the Open on the context menu should offer all the same options, including Current Editor.

Thanks for considering!

Rgds - Jerome

The idea here with not offering both options is that one of those options is going to be easily achieved by simply clicking on the binder item. I’m not sure if it has been added to the Windows beta yet, but there might be an Alt-click behaviour that automatically targets whichever split wouldn’t have been targeted by a regular click. So in fact both options are always available without having to drill down into the contextual menu. That said, Alt (or whatever shortcut) isn’t transparent, so I think it does still make sense to have the alternate behaviour as a menu option.

I noticed that what currently happens however is that if the left split is set to be affected by the binder, but the right split is active, the contextual menu on the Mac still directs the alternate behaviour to the left split, even though that is what would naturally happen if clicking anyway. So that could use improvement, and I think that would be a better approach than simply always offering both options (but maybe not?).

There are two conditions where I think it would make sense to have both options: if the binder is set to affect both splits or neither split. Then you could temporarily override that behaviour by targeting one split.

Thanks Ioa…the Alt-click for the opposite pane is indeed implemented in the beta. It’ll be a big help. I’d like that behavior when we Alt-click on a Scrivener link as well. It does make sense to hide or disable an “Open in Current Editor” command when it’s redundant.

BTW, noticing that Scrivener links in Quick Reference panes can be opened only via the context menu at the moment. Hope that’s just the development phase. Left click and alt-click for the main editing panes would be ideal, though of course there are many other possibilities now with QRs and Copyholders.

Cheers – Jerome

Yeah I think so long as it is technically achievable, that’s the plan for hyperlinks in the editor as well. The way we have things set up on the Mac is that you can choose what clicks do by default (other editor, current, or Quick Reference), and then the main modifier will do the next logical secondary. The way I prefer things is more like how a browser works, where links open in the same split, but with the modifier I can target the other split when desired. There is supposed to be a second modifier that invokes the secondary behaviour, but at the moment that isn’t working quite right (Apple implemented Option clicking in links to make it possible to put the cursor into a linked text area without activating it, which while not unappreciated as that was always awkward, does mean we’re down a key).

So if they can get modifier clicks working in general that should be available for launch.

Copyholders probably won’t be a direct target, but hopefully they can get that menu command bindable to shortcuts.