Binder separation?

I need to get a little more physical distinction in the binder between the parts of my draft, and the research sections. Is there a way to add some spaces in between, or a horizontal line or something? I searched through the manual, but perhaps didn’t use the right term.


The binder entries are just document and folder titles, so it’s easy enough to use graphic elements to create separation. I have a document called “⌂ -----” for that effect. Also you can make multi-line binder entries by copying and pasting line breaks into a doc title.

Rgds – Jerome

Edit: Windows answer, unknown applicability on Mac.

Yup, that’s how I do things on a Mac as well. One important thing to note: in the inspector, middle general meta-data section, remove the “Include in compile” checkbox for these items. Items marked as such will not export under normal conditions, making it possible to outline without impacting the output. Document templates are a good way to handle the “————” title, any custom icons and the Include checkbox, as well just about everything else a document can do.