Binder : show the number of files in a folder


I’ve been using Scrivener 2 for a long time, and there was a very useful feature (at least for me) that I can’t find in Scrivener 3. I could set the binder so that, next to each folder, I would have the number of files it contained. Is that feature gone ? And if not, where can I find it ?
I’m a comic book writer, to me each project is a series, in which each folder is an issue, and each file is a page. Each issue has a very specific number of pages, so having this indication next to the folder is very valuable to me, especially to avoid mistakes like “ooooops… my story is two pages longer than it should”.

Thanks for the help !


You need View > Outline > Show subdocument counts in binder.


Thanks a lot. I really thought I had looked everywhere. But I hadn’t.

A general advice: use the search function in the Help menu when you can’t find a command you think should exist. A search for ’count’ would have led you to the right command. :wink: