Binder smaller size

I’m absolutely loving my IOS version and have found it so useful with my new IpadPro 9.7. Syncing is perfect. THE ONLY THING i kinda dislike is the fact that I can’t skinny-up the width of my binder ( i looked for this option and read the tutorial but didn’t see it) and reduce the size of the fonts in the binder even more. I almost always keep it open in Scrivener when I’m working so I can see where I am in the book. The IOS version takes up too much of my screen.

I’m sure there’s a reason you didn’t or couldn’t make this work but in the future, it would be a lovely tweak.
Thanks for all the hard work and the world’s best writing product. IMHO :wink:

Thanks! Glad to hear you’re liking it.

Aesthetically I’m in the same camp as you are. I prefer smaller fonts and minimal negative space so that I can pack more information into views. We do have some considerations to keep in mind though.

Everything needs to be a little on the big size on iOS because the primary method of interacting with it will be with your finger, which is nowhere near as accurate as a mouse pointer. We’re just about right at that minimum height that should be used for interactive elements according to the design guidelines.

Width could be tricky. We already have a toggle for it, so adding one that is even narrower than “compact” would mean three toggle buttons under the current system, and that’s a bit messy. Something to think about for the future perhaps—but I feel the elegant answer to that is something that would take a bit of a major rewrite: a thing you could slide to whatever width you want, within reasonable limits.

That said I’m not as familiar with it on the 9.7" model as I have the larger one. If anything on that one, a wider binder works better because otherwise there is too much empty space around the text (at least at the line-width and font size that I prefer). :slight_smile:

Appreciate the feedback and explanation, Amber. I can see the challenges you mention and also why it works with the large Ipad - and I’d be happy with any reduction in width however it’s accomplished. I also know you guys will do whatever you can to make improvements so I’ll just keep enjoying the new IOS version the way it is. :smiley: