Binder Spacing Issues

Somehow or another I wound up with a text file with no title showing in the Binder. And yet, if I click this huge space between files, the text shows in the Editor (the title looking like it might be the entire text.
Is there a way to move a file to the Trash other than in the Binder? (since I have no title box, I have no way of moving it.)
Any ideas how to fix it? I

(I’m still on the previous version (if that has any bearing)

If you click on it and the text shows, what happens if you right-click the same space?

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The Options pop up… is it safe to click “Sent to Trash?”

I’d say - make an enforced backup and then send to trash, yes.
You can still recover it from the trash folder, if it turns out to be a glitch in display and you delete something valid by accident.

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You can safely ‘Send to Trash’.

It will stay there until you deliberately go to empty the ‘trash’ whereby you will be informed that the process cannot be reversed, so there’s no way to ‘accidentally’ delete stuff forever :+1:

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