Binder Sync problem

Opened up Scriv on my desktop PC… It asked first if I wanted to see my ‘synced documents’ every time I first open. It seemed like a logical yes as I want to see what I wrote (synced) in other devices naturally… but when Scriv then opened, in my Binder section is only the synced file and everything else gone. I’ve tried to find and recover them but how do I do that? HELP…

IIRC, when you have that option ticked, the synced documents are displayed in their own collection.

What happens when you choose View > Hide Collections (it may not be called exactly that – I’m not on Windows so can’t check, but it will be something close)?

I will try that, but I simply closed the program and restarted to get my binders back. Not sure of that prompt anyway as it seems unnecessary if everything is synced already, which it had. Thank you for your timely reply!