Binder Sync Within the Binder

So I have characters made in the Binder, as well as timeline documents. I was using them side by side and thought I would copy some documents under characters and their profiles, which I used the “Copy To” feature to do. I just found out today that this is something I can do, Which helps to keep everything in order time-wise. I noticed that copying the document under multiple character does not allow them to update simultaneously however (which makes sense, because they’re copies). I was just curious–is there a way to copy a document into multiple locations, but it’s just the same document and not a copy? That way if I were to type on one of the “copies” for example, it would update all of copies under the different sections where they’re listed?

Use the <$include> placeholder tag.

§10.1.5 in the manual.

Note that <$include> is a Compile placeholder. It will not allow you to see the text in multiple locations in Scrivener’s Editor.

What are you actually trying to do? If you want to see your support materials while you’re writing, you might find the Project Bookmarks are a better solution. See Section 10.3 in the (Mac) Scrivener manual.