Binder Tabs

As amazing as Scrivener is (and it is amazing!), one problem I have while writing a novel is finding files and folders quickly in the binder. It can become a long, jagged mess.
So I thought, what if we had tabs for the binder? A tab for story, a tab for characters, a tab for settings, etc. Maybe even beak the story down into parts with a tab for each. I find that I write better if I can focus on the area of the story I am writing and hide the rest.
What do y’all think?

Something like this? :slight_smile:

Collections are not quite going to do everything you list, elegantly anyway, but for merely focussing on a piece of the Binder and removing other distractions, that is what the Documents/Hoist command is for. Select the folder to focus on, use it, and everything else is pushed aside.

It should also be noted that the Outliner view is kind of an automatic hoist. For large projects (such as this one, the user manual) I don’t expand everything in the Binder, that would be ridiculous—I have about a thousand pieces in the Draft folder alone—so I just expand up to the chapter level, and then click on a chapter to examine its contents in the left split as an Outliner. I only use the right split for editing content, so really in these larger projects I use Scrivener more like you would a mail client, where you click on a large section in the left sidebar, then choose your content from a secondary pane, then finally read or edit that content in the lower pane.

See Also:* Collections: step 14 in the tutorial; §8.4 (pg. 81) in the user manual.

  • Setting up a 2-pane UI: step 9 in the tutorial (scroll to “Controll the Other Editor from the Corkboard”, this is equally applicable to Outliner); §9.1.1 (pg. 95) in the user manual.
  • Layouts: not required here, but you may be interested to know you can save your layout settings and quickly switch between them. §9.7 (pg. 110).

That’s awesome!
Thanks Amber!