Binder Text Too Small

Even with prescription glasses, I find most Scrivener & Scapple default text to be too small. This is especially true with respect to the text on Binder items. Is there a universal command to zoom the text and keep it large forever? I spend a lot of time just zooming text repeatedly that I just find it frustrating.

You can change the font in the Preferences. This is the Mac forum, by the way, but your profile says you are on Windows. If you are on Windows, then options for this sort of thing are in Tools > Options (I believe).

Thanks. I don’t know how to correct my profile from Windows to Mac but if you check my Paypal payment to Literature & Latte for $59.99 under PayPal Invoice No. ID ST86916293 dated 12/8/2013 I thought I ordered licenses for the Mac versions of both software.


No checking required, I was just making sure you were posting in the right place so that you got the right answer. :slight_smile: To change your profile from Windows to Mac (or both), click on “User Control Panel” in the top left of the forum (just under where it says “Board Index”), then click on the “Profile” tab in the User Control Panel area of the forum. At the bottom you will see a pop-up button allowing you to choose your platform.

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