Binder title elements

I hope this does not appear silly or supercilious, and I understand if it is not a priority anytime soon, but would it be very difficult to include a facility to help keep track of Chapter’s number, place in a story’s timeline and keep an eye on word count from Binder, by:

  1. Manually inserting a set of dedicated fields at the top of a page
  2. Setting a global option for Binder title to pick-up and display these.

Global option: “Use Chapter Fields as Binder titles” Yes/No (tick box)
where in the case that Yes = TRUE the fields below concatenate into a text string displayed as Binder Titles, instead of manually created ones.

Chapter Fields: ( e.g.: EDIT > INSERT >FIELDS)
“Chapter Number” | Type: Auto-number | Options: Start = [nxx]
“Chapter Title” | Type: text | Options: “No. of characters to display” followed by …
“Action’s Date” | Type: date | Options: BC/AD
“Chapter Word count” Type: numeric (NB Picks up the Chapter word count that currently shows in the status bar)

Thus a Text with a composite title of:
<<Chapter 10>>
<> [Char = 12]
<<11/06/1235>> [AD = TRUE]
<<3425 words>> would then have a Binder title something like:
10 The Plot Thi… 11/06/1235 AD | 3425 words

Ideally the Chapter Number would be automatically generated and would change if/when chapters are deleted, moved or new ones inserted/added.

Many thanks for reading, no reply expected anytime soon, I know you must be s=as busy as heck!