Binder-to-reference drag makes external link to temp file

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start on any document.
  2. Click on the document you want to create a link to.
  3. Use the back button on the editor to go back to the first document
  4. Drag the (now-selected) document from step 2, over to the references panel

You now have an external link to an rtf file located in the Windows temp directory, instead of an internal link to the desired document.

(It’d also be really nice if you could do this without needing steps 2 and 3 - i.e., if you could just drag and drop to create an internal reference without the initial click causing navigation to occur. This could perhaps be done by not triggering navigation until the mouse button is released, or perhaps by undoing the navigation once you know it’s a drag and not a click, assuming that any navigation happened.)

On the usage notes: I agree it would be nice if pure drag and drop events did not trigger navigation on MouseDown. I think that might be a limitation of the toolkit that is causing that. There is a way however to temporarily disengage click to navigate by locking the editor. Ctrl-Shift-L is the hot key, and the header bar will turn red when the session is locked. This way you can do what you are wanting to do and with about the same number of steps.

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, the bug part remains - i.e., instead of making an internal link, it still makes an external one to a temporary file.

Hm, this used to work so it seems to have recently broken. Thanks for catching it!