Binder width not staying put

I’ve searched the forum for posts on “binder width” and have not seen any mention of my odd little issue:

When I minimize a project (and I tend to have three or four open but not onscreen simultaneously) and then open it up again, the binder develops “wiggle room.” Meaning, when I scroll up and down, it doesn’t scroll cleanly because the contents are shifting left and right within the binder. I can instantly fix this by grabbing the edge of the binder, moving it out, and moving it back in again. I end up with the same width as before, but now the contents are stable and I can scroll up and down without anything wiggling.

It’s certainly not mission critical but bugs the heck out of me. Any suggestions?

I’m not seeing this on my system, but given the nature of the problem, I would guess there are either some very specific variables in play that you would have to discover—some option on your Mac that when disabled causes the problem to vanish, the version of OS X you are using, the version of Scrivener you are using, the length of item titles perhaps, the font you use in the Binder, whether you are using Retina, if you have the system option to always show scrollbars on or off, etc. Or the problem is some temporary glitch that could be resolved with a little reset.

That latter is much easier to test for, thankfully, so we might as well try that first. The following steps will not touch your project data, and ideally they will not disturb your project settings either:

  1. Visit the Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts… menu command.
  2. In that window, hit the + button along the bottom and give it a simple name. Check off both of the checkbox options below the thumbnail on the right.
  3. Click on the project window to bring it to the front.
  4. Hold down the Option key and click on the File menu.
  5. Select Close Project and Clear Interface Settings.
  6. Reload your project. Note everything about what it looks like will be reset, nothing will be displayed in the editor, all sections will be collapsed, all project settings like invisible characters, label tinting, outline columns, index card appearance, etc. will be reset (that’s why we made a layout).
  7. Attempt to reproduce the bug again. If it is gone, try loading the Manage Layouts window and double-clicking on the icon for the Layout you created in step 2.
  8. Again, see if the bug reproduces.

At this point, if the the bug is gone, we can just consider this a transient gremlin. It happens in preferences files from time to time. If on the other hand the problem comes back, then from that Manage Layouts window, use the “gear” menu to export your layout as a file, and send it to our support address, with this thread URL pasted in the e-mail so that whoever gets it can forward it to me.

It worked!

So happy, thank you! :smiley: