Binders, Folders, and Collections

I’m writing primarily for a RPG blog, which I collect into fanzines and occasionally larger projects, so I create multiple final documents over time out of the same well of material. What’s the best way to organize things?

For instance, I have a master collection of monsters (in the Research binder?). I want to include some of the monsters in Zine #1, along with some spells and magical items.
Do I set up Zine #1 as a folder in Draft or a collection?
Can I compile a collection?
Do I need to collect the material for Zine #1 and then make a new copy of that material for formatting and compiling purposes when it’s at that stage (breaking it away from the material in Research)?
Is there a better way that I’m not thinking of?
Is it time for lunch?

I really love Scrivener; the multiple windows and ease of navigation make it really easy to compare various items (like monsters) to each other so things match up. :slight_smile:


Either way works, it depends on how you put together a zine. If you write out all of the pieces together in one place, in a linear fashion, then it would be easiest to just continue doing that in the Draft folder, one sub-folder per zine edition. Collections are going to be a better tool for putting together editions that contain material from all over the Binder. You still have the basic rule that only text items can be included in the output, but you are no longer bound to the Draft folder alone. You can take material from all over the place, and even shuffle the order around. Where this might be useful is if you store material topically, and choose from a selection of options for a particular edition, but do not want to reassign, or move, those items out of their original topical folders.

The main drawback to using collections for compile is that you lose all hierarchy—that may not be important for a zine, since the main thing you’d use hierarchy for is structural formatting. You do still have types though, so folders can print titles whereas as text items can just print text—if that is what you want—you just don’t get the more advanced level based stuff. Like I say, that’s probably fine for a zine since it won’t be organised into things like Parts and Chapters, which would require separate treatment per folder indent level. But if you do, then sticking with sub-folders in the Draft will be better than using collections.

I believe I’ve indirectly answered that already. :slight_smile: Check the Contents compile option pane. You can select the source group at the very top.

I wouldn’t say you need to do anything. You certainly could though, if that is easiest and works best for how you work. I would say though that it sounds as though using collections as your compile group will probably suit how you describe working. I’d give it a try, there is no harm in trying since assigning things to collections does nothing to their Binder order.