binding a preset to a keyboard shortcut

I am desperate for a way to use the keyboard to change ink colours (not only to toggle between two colours, as ctrl G,H does) and I saw a suggested in a forum to create a preset with a colour and then bind it to a keyboard shortcut. I wondered if this is available in the Windows version, and if so, how/where?
This would solve so many of my problems, because I want to apply highlighting colours as well!


The ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to apps or to the whole operating system is a feature of macOS, not Scrivener… … er-for-mac

If Windows as an OS is similarly configurable, you might be able to assign a shortcut as well.

Unfortunately Windows does not have a system like that—it doesn’t have a universal menu bar that uses a unified mechanism that all developers make use of collectively.

So on Windows there is a whole system for keyboard shortcuts that had to be built from scratch, and one problem with the development toolkit we use is that it makes it difficult for commands not already given a shortcut by default, to be listed in that interface. Hence if something already has a shortcut, like File ▸ Compile…, then you customise it. If it is one of the many commands that does not, then there is no way to add a shortcut.

I don’t know what the status is on overcoming that challenge, but specifically for presets (or what will become Styles in 3.0), we will be providing a built-in keyboard shortcut system that is dedicated to the purpose of invoking styles alone. This is a good solution to menu commands whose titles will be driven by user data anyway, and that is why we do so even on the Mac. I think this system is already intact in the Windows 3.0 beta in fact.