Binding Cmd-B and Cmd-I (apologies for simple question)


I realise that this must have been answered somewhere on the forum, but what’s the route to binding Cmd-B and Cmd-I to styles in Scrivener? I have tried adding to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts (see screenshot), but the existing shortcuts seem to take precedence.


I think the “syntax” for the menu paths is slightly off. Try “Format->Style->Emphasis” instead of “Format > Style > Emphasis”. My guess is that the Mac is looking for a menu command that matches that whole string, finding nothing, and so ignoring it and leaving ⌘I assigned to the italic function.

Yep, that was it - sorry for being a bit dumb. I’ll try to think of something more interesting to ask next time :slight_smile:

No worries at all!

I’ve now clarified these instructions in my guide: … ner-styles

Nice, thanks!