Bit of a unique issue: When I put a question mark, it instead puts an s and deletes the next word

For instance, if I have the sentence:
He looked around the room.

Then I go back and want to add something before it, it will sometimes change it to:
Was she heres looked around the room.

If I undo, it will put the deleted word back and combine it as if it were one word with the question mark, most likely because I never got the chance to put a space between them in the first place. (in my example, it would change to here?He).

It seems to only happen when I am putting the sentence directly in front of the next one. For instance, if I put a space before the first word of the next sentence, as one would typically do, it works fine. If I try clicking at the beginning of the next word to put a space at the end, when I put the question mark, it will erase that word and replace it with an s without a question mark. It doesn’t seem to matter what the next word is, it will almost always be an s (sometimes it will be an e, but I haven’t been able to tell what exactly causes it to be an e instead of an s). If there are quotations marks before or after the sentence I’m adding, it doesn’t happen. If the word is two characters long or shorter, it will sometimes just replaced by emptiness (no s) and sometimes be replaced by an s.

Edit: After more testing right after I posted this, it seems to be an issue with the autocorrect for spelling. When I turn that off, it doesn’t happen. Not sure why or what exactly is causing it though. I might just leave it off so I don’t have to worry about it.

I had this same issue and took the same workaround. :frowning:

I don’t recall whether I’ve seen anyone else posting about it on the forum, so don’t know whether it’s a known, documented bug. I’ve nothing to add to your excellent description of the symptoms.


Well, I’m glad that it’s not just me doing something wrong. Hopefully if it’s not documented already, they’ll take note and fix the issue, whatever may be causing it.