Bizarre Copy & Paste Problem

Everytime I try to copy and paste from one particular page in my binder it will only send the first letter of my selection to the clipboard. If I try pasting it to another program (textedit) the whole selection will go through. If I copy and paste among other pages in the binder everything works fine as well. If I copy something to the original page in question it works. Seems only one letter can leave it though. Kind of a black hole of creativity.

I’ve rebooted the whole system and restarted. Didn’t help. Any ideas?

Ok, now it’s getting even stranger. But let’s back up a bit.

I imported a chunk of text from a textedit file onto the end of a page in scrivener. This text shows up fine at first, and I’m able to edit it. It is the text from this imported stuff, that cannot be copied and pasted to another page in the binder. And, on top of that, after closing and reopening the file, half the text has disappeared.

I’m not doing any sync backup or anything. And I am pasting the text into the page in Scrivener, not importing the file directly into the binder. Could clipboard text be corrupt in some way?

there might be some odd “stuff” in the clip board that is causing you problems. I would expect it to be wonky (a technical term, really, I promise) in text edit too. You might try “Paste and match style” and see if that helps. that will at least rule out formatting issues.

All right, I just checked out the invisibles in the text file and something very strange is happening that has nothing to do with Scrivener. Go back to your regularly scheduled program.

Do I have to? This show is really boring.

You don’t have to, so I highly suggest you check out a program called TextSoap for problems such as these. It’s a great program for when you need a little more than the normal find & replace.

I typically use perl for complex replaces. But then I am not normal and like to do things the hard way.