Bizarre problem: First part of PDFs not visible

Hi All,

I’m using Scrivener v on a MacBook Pro running OS El Capitan.

I’m experiencing a bizarre problem with long PDFs: The first 20 - 40% of the pages are just completely invisible. I can scroll down through the document and then the later pages suddenly display normally.

I’ve tried deleting PDFs and re-importing them and renaming them, but this does not solve the problem.

It seems to be happening with all PDFs of more than a few pages long.

Help! I have a massive assignment due and this is, to put it mildly, cramping my style!



This is a known OS X bug in their PDF viewer.

Thanks! Comforting to know, but actually not…

As noted there it will be fixed, but we had to overhaul nearly everything to do so. Unfortunately the choice was between supporting a broad range of platforms and using neglected frameworks to do so, or only supporting the most recent systems.

Hi AmberV

What do you mean by “it will be fixed”?

By when?



As in the problem will no longer occur. We’re using a PDF framework provided by macOS that has a bug in it, once we switch to a different framework that it provides it will no longer show up.