Bizarre problem with registering

Just bought Scrivener today… and for some reason I can’t determine, entering my name and serial pops up two messages - the first one saying it’s accepted, and the second one claiming it’s invalid.

Checked for whitespace and such, and it’s definitely not that, but this is just a bit on the weird side that it’s okaying the registration and then going back and saying “well, maybe it’s not okay”.

System is using Win7 x32.

I brought the full version yesterday & am having exactly the same problem. The first message box says it’s been successful, but then get another ‘invalid registration’ box popping up & is still running as trial version. Running windows XP

One other note is that upon quitting and restarting, it claims the trial period is over - but then doesn’t quit or anything after again trying to enter the name/serial, just pulls the same double message stunt again and runs normally aside from still thinking it’s not registered.

I just bought the Mac + Windows combo, and am having the same issue for Windows.

The only thing I did that was nonstandard was installing Scrivener to C:\Scrivener

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

The issue went away just today, and I am successfully registered. Problem with the esellrate site?

Sorry you were having some trouble! There are a handful of things that can cause oddities–eSellerate server downtime, issues writing to or reading from the registry, sometimes weird problems with the serial number name in how it was originally entered or saved. If anyone’s still having trouble, please contact AT literatureandlatte DOT com directly with the email addressed used for the purchase and your Windows version so we can get the problem sorted out.

I’m having trouble registering the software.

The message is E activation unexpected failure

Please advise!

Sometimes a firewall or proxy setting can cause this error during activation. Please try following the steps here.