black background, formatting, headers, transfer files


I´ve just started using Scrivener, and I have four questions, which I hope are very easy for someone who has more experience using the program.

  1. when a drag and drop pieces of text, the background turns black. Looks just like some censured letter from WWII. If I cut an paste to match the section, then there is no problem— but would rather be able to just drag and drop. Any ideas on what to do?

  2. have exported files from word, that have various formatting (different fonts and styles). How can I clear these formats when already in scrivener?

  3. How should I deal with headers? Already have lots of headers from word and numbering…

  4. Have now installed scrivener on my desktop and laptop. Use both to work so need to transfer files from one to the other. With word-files I’ve typically just emailed them to myself or used dropbox/google drive. What’s the best way to move scrivener files?

Thanks very much for your help!