Black background, light text

Is there any way to tweak Scrivener temporarily to have white or green text on a black background instead of the other way around? (I’ve googled without success for this.)

I’m working in the garden so I can sit with my sick old dog out here, but it’s hard to read the screen in bright sunlight. I think it would be easier with the colours reversed.

You can of course go through the appearance settings and achieve that, or close to it, but it’s fiddly and certainly not a ‘night-mode’ toggle.

Sierra and previous versions of the OS do have an invert colours feature which could help you, though it will affect all programs, not just Scrivener.

System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Invert Colors. You may find the Use Grayscale button helps there (as some colours look very strange when they’re inverted…).

If you go to the Accessibility > General tab and turn off every option except for Invert Colours, then the keyboard shortcut cmd-shift-F5 will toggle it on an off immediately. (Bear in mind that if your function keys are set to use the media buttons then you’ll have to press FN-cmd-shift-F5 instead.)

Worth trying perhaps?

Thanks, I’ll fiddle with those and try them.

I could have sworn Scrivener had an option to do this, but perhaps it was in what Woody Allen would call its earlier, funnier versions.

It does have the option of configuring Composition mode to be anything you like, of course – I use it exactly that way, so you can toggle cmd-opt-f on and off to go between ‘light background’ binder / editor etc and ‘dark background’ composition mode and back.

But I thought you wanted a white-on-black toggle for everything, not just Composition mode, which of course has a specific purpose.

You don’t have to use Accessibility - just press Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-8.

Good spot. Thanks.

Thanks, I’ll try ctrl-opt-cmd-8 (if and when I get my possible virus sorted out).