black screen on full screen mode?

hey there ~ just upgraded to 2.0 and transferred the novel. one of my favorite things about scrivener had been being able to make the entire screen black in full screen mode, and write in white type. I’m having trouble figuring out how to change the 2.0 version to do the same. Help most appreciated ~ carla

Found answer on forums and fixed it meself! Thanks for the following earlier reply, and by the way, Scrivener rocks!!
Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:04 am
Hi Barton,

You can set the paper and background color in Scrivener>Preferences>Appearance at the bottom in Customizable Colors (Full Screen: Paper, Background). You can set a text color in the Preferences>Full Screen pane.

Most of the tools for doing this are the same, but a few have been moved around as there are more options now. The first thing you’ll probably want to do is set up everything the way you want it to look in full screen, using the sliders. This is just like in the old version. Set the background opacity to full, figure out your preferred paper width and so forth. Now in preferences, visit the Full Screen pane and use the “Use Current” buttons to copy those settings for future use. While there, you can also set the text colour override to white at the top—this control is the same as in the old version as well. The new things are in the Appearance preference pane; go there and in the bottom area you’ll see a column view with colour settings you can change for many aspects of Scrivener. There will be a full screen section where you can adjust all of these. I find it easiest to call up preferences while in full screen, as these can be adjusted while you look at them.