Black text on black background


I thought I would post this here first before filing a formal bug report, as it is just possible I’m making a stupid noob error …

I’m running beta 1.3 on Windows XP SP2 with all the major updates in place afaik.

I cut and pasted in some text from google docs yesterday, worked on it a bit in the beta, added some text to the document. When I opened it today, all the text was shown black on a black background - not the ‘paper’ you understand, just the text. When I try typing in any new text it too shows black on black. I’m fairly sure I didn’t do anything that would have caused this problem.

When I select it, I can see all the text, but for the life of me I can’t find any way to change the font to remove the black background so I can see my text. I mean I know I can change the font to white or something, but that’s not very satisfactory and it looks weird with the black blocky background

Any ideas?


OK, typical. I spend an hour trying to work out what’s going on and within two minutes of posting have finally discovered what happened - for some reason when I loaded the document it highlighted everything in black! A minor bug rather than a major nuisance.