"Blackened Text" [BUG LOGGED]

After opening some of my RTF’s in an external editor (I have no idea if this is the cause), I came back into Scrivener and typed in full screen mode a bit. After exiting full screen mode, an odd black “highlight” which obscured text appeared. I could move the blackened area around using the cursor, and it would blink as I typed.

(I’ve gotten similar errors in word from time to time, and usually restarting fixes things.)

Restarting did not fix it. However, once I went to options–>editor options and re-applied the settings (note–without making changes), it all disappeared and things are fine again.

Please note that when I am logging bugs, I’m NOT complaining…I love the program. :smiley:

This has been found to be caused by having the “use block insertion point” ticked under Editor options.

Thanks. I recently encountered another issue where my cursor disappeared altogether (this seems to be a beta 1.3 thing) upon opening, but again after “applying” my editor settings in the options menu everything went back to normal…

I have logged this both the vanishing cursor and block of text, so thank you.

I never for a moment thought that you were complaining StarTigress - you’ve been too helpful for that in many of your other posts.