Blacklisted Serial Number of Reformed Pirate


I recently purchased and installed Scrivener for Windows. The purchase was confirmed by esellerate and esellerate generated the license for me. The Scrivener software was downloaded from the L and L website.

The problem is that whenever I open Scrivener it says that my trial period is over and Scrivener asks me for my license information. Upon entering the information, Scrivener brings up a scary looking screen saying that my serial number has been blacklisted because it is probably being used by pirates. Then Scrivener closes.

I purchased the Scrivener license myself and the license has been confirmed as legitimate by the tenderapp tech support.

Now I must confess that I did previously have a fully functional but pirated copy of Scrivener installed on the same computer :blush:. I uninstalled this pirate copy before installing the legit Scrivener and entering my legit serial number, but the blacklist roadblock was the result. I am assuming that there is some residue remaining from the pirate installation that is confusing esellerate/Scrivener and preventing the proper registration.

I removed esellerate from my hosts file blacklist and I erased the esellerate and Scrivener folders from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software in my registry, and reinstalled Scrivener but the blacklist roadblock persists.

I have contacted Scrivener tech support but they have been unable to solve the problem. (I notified them several weeks ago and they have yet to get back to me with any solutions.)

Is anyone else willing to admit that they had this problem and what they did to fix it?

Thank you for your help.

This is something tech support should be able to help with. If you’ll PM me your email address I’ll see if I can find you in the queue.


I met the same problem, please post here if your problem is solved.thanks.

Again, please contact tech support for this issue.



This is my problem at the moment. What was the solution?

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The same solution that has been offered twice in previous posts. :slight_smile: Contact support and we’ll help you get things sorted out.

Thanks for supporting the software!

I don’t have this particular problem, but the responses raise a question: How do we contact tech support? I thought this forum WAS tech support, and I haven’t been able to find any other link on the site that suggests that it’s a means of contacting tech support. The closest seems to be the “Learn & Support” menu item, and the best choice their seems to be this forum.

Bottom of every page here there is a “contact us” link. That takes you to a form you can fill out.

You can also try the somewhat industry standard email address of support @

For most companies the best place to start is the contact link.

The “Contact Us” page also has a list of support email addresses and directions on when to use them.