Blacklisted serial number, support not answering

I bought Scapple legally on September 17th (order # [removed by moderator]), but received this message upon activating it:

Blacklisted Serial Number
The serial number you are using has been black-listed, most likely because it has been pirated. If you are a registered user and this is your serial number, please contact us immediately at, as this message means that your serial number is being used by pirates and we need to issue you with a new one. If you are not a registered user and you like Scapple enough to want to continue using it, please pay for it. Pirating Scapple only means that we will not be able to afford to keep developing it. We are not going to lecture you. Scapple is not expensive. If you like it, please buy it - we’ll just be happy to have you as a regular customer.

I emailed the address given in the error message the same day, but received no response for almost a full month, so I emailed again on October 15th… then November 3rd… then tried support@ instead, with still no response over another month later. Not to be a pain, but I really would like to use Scapple. :slight_smile:

I’ve checked with the help desk software, and we don’t have any record of your messages at the email address you use here on the forum—just an old message from a year and a half ago. Something must be getting blocked somewhere at a level we’re not seeing (we do check our spam filter for false positives).

Whatever the case, I recommend creating an account in the help desk software, if you haven’t already, and creating a ticket that way, since email seems unreliable.


When you get the “blacklisted serial number” error when using a license purchased through us, it’s almost always a setting issue which we can help you resolve through the support queue—try the help desk software account instead of email as @AmberV suggested since your emails don’t seem to be coming through. The only times I, personally, have seen a blacklisted license message actually reflect a blacklisted license are in instances when you would already know why (bought a license off of ebay, sold your license, shared with many other people, etc.).