Blank box in Notes and grayed out icons

I’m not sure if this is one problem or two: they both showed up under the following circumstances. I recently opened a project in Windows that had been created on a Mac (both use most updated versions). Windows took the two most recent chapters I had been working on and moved the most recent draft of them (plus a few other things) to Recovered Files. When I opened in my Mac again, I was able to copy the content of those two chapters and paste them into the correct text docs, but it stripped out the comments they had contained (no loss, I remember what they were) and all the text entered in Notes is restricted to a narrow strip on the left, as if there is a right margin it can’t type past. This is true on all documents, not just the two mentioned, and even new ones I create. In addition, all the icons that are assigned a custom label is grayed out. If changed to No Label, then the graying disappears.