Blank documents

After upgrade to 1.03, my old projects still load and I see corkboard view of item summaries, but all pdf documents are blank.

Yikes. Lots of stuff saved in pdfs.

Try right-clicking on the PDF in the binder and choosing Open in External Editor; are they still blank there?

Ah. They open in the external editor. Just not in the internal one, I guess. At least they are there.

I’m having the same problem. Appear blank in Scrivener and when opened in Preview appear as normal. I didn’t need any of the improvements offered by 1.03 just like to stay upto date. Damn it.

I think I might have found the problem. I loaded a PDF into my project to see if new ones would exhibit this, and it did seem to. All I could see was the side of a blank page. I did notice something very strange, though: The scroll bars were tiny as if the document was huge. So I right clicked and changed the mode to auto-fit and sure enough that was the problem. It looks like it is just zoomed in to 1000% or something. Hopefully this works for you too.

Yup, that’s a confirm, Amber.