Blank Documents

I’ve been using Scrivener for a week or so. I was working on a project and when I finished, I synced to my Dropbox.

I returned to the document later, synced back from the drop box. All my folder structure appeared, as well as the documents. All correctly. But, every single document was cleared of text… Blank.

Any ideas?


Damn that sucks!

Yep. Just paid $30 to see all my text disappear.

Holy crap that really sucks!

Honestly, everyone is so caught up with saving their files in the cloud that everyone has forgotten the old and tested method of saving backup files on your actual hard drive (not on your iOS device but on you old desktop/MacBook).

This is what I do, in the event some freaking scary scenario like you’ve just experienced props up for really important files.

Hi Mitch,

I’m very sorry you are having problems. I’ve never heard of that happening before, and cannot think what would have caused it. Could you please write to us at AT and include your project as a zip file (you can do this in the projects screen by hitting “Edit”, selecting the project and tapping the share button at the bottom, then emailing us directly from there). We can then look inside the project to see what is going on.

Thanks and all the best,

I do have a back up on a different software. So I only lost a few hours work and some formatting.

But, I would consider sync copy of a project in your Drop Box as a pretty good back up system in itself… ?

What if the cloud service goes down? Or your internet connection suddenly goes awry? What happens to all your files then?

I don’t think cloud services should be seen as ‘back up’ but rather as a secondary means to save your files, the primary being your good old fashioned hard drive (or SSD). Even safer, printed hard copies!

This whole sole dependency our society has with cloud services I think has its shortcomings.

What do you mean? If you worked only on the iDevice, why would you sync to Dropbox and why would you “sync back” if you never touched the project elsewhere? If nothing has happened in between there shouldn’t have been any sync when you returned.