Blank editor when returning from Full Screen

When I go to full screen and then come back to regular, the document that had focus (if on split screen; otherwise the document that’s open) appears blank. If I go back to full screen, it reappears. It seems like this is actually a problem with the code that resizes the text block horizontally, because if I expand the window when it’s back in regular window mode, then the text appears from the left. But then if I shrink it again, I can make it entirely blank. And there’s a related bug where if I’m in full screen, and I move the split editor divider, the editor that I’ve just made smaller doesn’t respond to its new size. In other words, text runs off the edge of the editor and I have to scroll to see it, even though I have it set to just use however much space it gets. I’m on OS 10.8.3.

Are you on a Retina display? There is a bug on OS X 10.8 that affects Retina displays only, whereby resizing the text editor of any application that uses the OS X text system can cause the text to disappear off the right of the editor. I’ve reported it to Apple, as it’s a stupid bug and affects a lot of apps.

It sounds like this is the second part of your problem - as for the first, could you please post a video showing it?


Yup, I’m on a Retina MacBook Pro. I’ve uploaded a screencast to . I hope it helps!

Any progress on this one?

You’ll have to ask Apple, I’m afraid. I’ve logged it with them as Bug ID #13418758, but it’s completely in their hands - the bug is reproducible in any app using the OS X text system and split views on Retina displays. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t usually fix such bugs until major OS updates, so it may be 10.9 before they fix it.

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