Blank Editor

I was about to write in desperation but just now managed to fix the problem. I’ve no idea why the fix worked and because I’ve had the problem before I thought I’d send this message anyway and see if anyone had an idea of the cause.

Problem is that the editor goes blank - gives me the “no selection” text and won’t respond to any clicks in the binder. It’s actually stuck on one page as I discover when I toggle between (blank) Outline, (blank) Corkboard and then back to Editor. I can work on the page but can’t navigate to any other. Splitting screen and navigating via menu bar has no effect on Editor.

Quit Scriv, restart computer, trash prefs etc. No solution - still blank Editor or obstinate page. A peculiarity is that opening the document via Scriv menu results in nothing. I have to double-click the doc to open it.

Realising that it’s still possible to edit obstinate page I highlight a single word and make a Scrivener link to another page. Click link and screen splits, highlights in Binder and suddenly everything seems to work normally again.

I’m relieved and happy etc. but it isn’t the first time this has happened although on previous occasions it was solved by quitting and reopening. The thing is I’m a little nervous now as I have over 50,000 words of a PhD riding on this otherwise very dependable and articulate software.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had same problem or might be kind enough to suggest a cause?

Of course I’m backing up constantly now.

Strange. I wonder if there is a rogue character in the document that could be doing something funny. If you continue to have this problem, could you zip up the project and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? Also, try downloading the current 1.5 beta in the Beta Testing forum to see if that helps.
Thanks and all the best,

Thanks for the quick reply Keith.

While searching the forums I noticed another query for which you suggested lightening the package contents so I’ll have to do that as my project is around 190MB. Will send you a light copy as I’ve had the problem a couple of times already. Hope this is okay.

I also wondered about the possibility of a bad character or corrupted font file but haven’t had a chance to thoroughly check it. Not sure how to search for the presence of a rogue character.

Using Scriv 1.50 b4



If you lighten the load of the project, obviously be sure to make sure that the bad document stays in there…

Could it be that the Editor is getting Locked in Place (cmd-opt-L) inadvertently?

Just a thought.

No it’s something more weird than that - thanks for the suggestion though.

I eventually got things back to normal by deleting the page and rebuilding it from the RTFD file I extracted out of the project package so it was definitely a problem with something on that particular page but I don’t know what. There was text and pasted graphics, that’s all.

Now I have a strange phenomenon where any piece of text I copy (and paste) will suddenly and for no apparent reason acquire a highlight. The original text I mean, not the pasted copy. I can un-highlight it easily which makes it a nuisance rather than a problem but perhaps this should be the subject of a new topic on Gremlins and Ghosts.


Sounds like a font issue. Maybe a corrupt font cache, a needed font (like lucida or helvetica) that was inadvertently turned off (or one that the document depends on), maybe a font conflict with needed font, or corrupt font all together.

Might want to also check FONT BOOK and look to see if any fonts have a

• to the right of them

Wondered about this and checked with FontBook and FontExplorer but the only thing I found was one font that had a couple of duplicate styles open concurrently and these weren’t ones that were used in the document (to my knowledge at least).

Still, I’ve deactivated them and thanks for the suggestion - fonts are often the cause of the most obscure and devilish problems.

Good call on the font caches Wock.

I flushed the system caches and it eliminated an error I was getting when calling up the Tools and Fonts windows in Tex Edit.

Keeping fingers crossed it’ll help evict the gremlins in Scrivener.

thanks again.


Glad to here news of some improvements. Hope it squashed all the gremlins.