Blank field in Labels and Status

Hi Keith, first off, thanks for such a great update. Although I downloaded it on the day of release, I’ve only got back now because there’s so much to go through, and, obviously, I needed to give it a thorough good testing. Everything is great, I haven’t a single complaint.

My only question is, reading through some of the feedback, people are having problems with areas left blank within numbering etc. I personally don’t use this feature, however, I have a inserted a blank label within the ‘Status’ list. I use it so I don’t get ‘N/A’ stamped across photos on the corkboard. Is this safe, or am I leaving myself open to a possible problem?

While typing this, I’m also thinking, possibly there was another way to have achieved this, just that I was too dumb to notice it? :open_mouth:

Again, thanks for such a great program. :smiley:

Hi Eldritch,

No, that is perfectly safe - you don’t need to worry. There was a bug related to that in an early, pre-1.0 beta, but it was squashed back then.

The “problem” with blank fields is simply that, say you have a list of text objects, if one of them is blank, the standard Apple controller code will just place a “null” placeholder there rather than a blank text object. So, if you then expect all text objects in the list and try to do something with them that only text objects can do, when the program comes across a null object and tries to use it as a text object, it panics and throws an exception. All this means is that I have to be cautious and check that the object is what I expect it to be before I do anything with this. In the 1.10 release, I had forgot to do this in a new piece of code relating to the auto-complete list. Everywhere else - fingers-crossed - gets checked.

Hope that makes sense. The short answer, of course, is: no, that’s fine. :slight_smile:


Thanks Keith, for your quick response. Apologies for the lateness of mine. I was able to read your reply using the net on my phone but unable to reply. My home connection’s been down a while. Anyway, again, thanks for such a great program. It’s an utter joy to use. :smiley: