Blank footnotes?

Hi guys,

I am having a bit of a problem with footnotes. When I compile, I get an empty notes page and no footnotes of any kind in the document, though they are there in the Scrivener file. I’ve tried FTR and .doc/.docx formats and have played around with some various check boxes in the compile menu, but I can’t get it to work. Any thoughts?


Well, as an additional comment: I can get it working if I use the RTF with attachments. RTF does not seem to work, though. I guess that solves my problem, but it sure seems like I am doing something wrong. =)

What app are you using to open the compiled RTF? TextEdit, presumably Bean, and Pages ignore footnotes, images, etc. in RTF files. Nisus shows them perfectly, Word, OpenOffice or its clones and I presume Mellel.


Well that would be my problem, as I was using TextEdit and Pages. Pages—one of the times I wish I sprang for the Microsoft product.

Try springing for Nisus … cheaper, powerful, great interface and it uses RTF as its native file-format. Scrivener’s .doc compiles are in fact RTF with a changed creator code – legal and enough to fool editors who use Word and want to see the .doc extension – and from things Keith has said, Apple’s binary .doc/.docx exporter leaves somewhat to be desired.


Edit: Just realised, if you mean you have lashed out good money on Pages and don’t want to spend more, get OpenOffice or NeoOffice, use whichever to convert to .doc or .docx and then open in that Pages … it does have advantages over either of those or Nisus Writer Pro if you have to open documents from Word, particularly when it comes to documents with Tables.

A heartfelt ‘me too’ on that! I love Nisus Pro almost as much as I love Scrivener. I also love my wife.


And Martin, one of the Nisus developers, is an incredibly nice guy who has helped me no end - purely out of kindness - with various aspects of the OS X text system and RTF. So not only is it a great word processor, it’s also got some really great people working on it.

Thanks guys!