Blank line in the Project Templates list

When selecting New Project from the File menu, the Project Templates dialog appears, but there is no template name where I would expect to see “Custom” or something similar. Editing the template info (other than leaving the category as “Custom”) does nothing.
[attachment=0]Project templates - blank line.png[/attachment]

All templates are “custom” in that you can edit them. You can change any template into any other template with enough edits. You may want to start with Blank.

When you save a template to the “Custom” category, there is a field beneath that dropdown to enter a category name. Currently if this is left blank, it will create a title-less category in the project menu rather than defaulting to the Miscellaneous category. You can fix this by resaving the template and adding a custom category name; when you overwrite the existing template, the empty category will be deleted and a new one created for the custom name.

A minor UI issue: when the category name is changed, a new entry does appear in the project templates list, but the old category, that now contains no templates, is still in the list until you close the templates list and reopen it.