Blank out other screens


I use Scrivener 2.6 on Mac Book Pro with Mac os X 10.10.5.

A second screen is connected. By the past, when I opened the composition mode on the main screen, the second one blanked out.
Now, nothing happens. Obviously, the main screen enters in composition mode, but the other screen lets appear all other apps.

I checked the “preferences”. The option “blank out other screens” is checked.

What can I do to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.


This is a known issue that started happening when Apple changed how monitors are dealt with among other things. The method we use to display Composition Mode has unfortunately received very little attention over the years and is now a bit buggy and convoluted to work with. But, Keith has figured out a way to fix the issue with screens not being blanked out, though I can’t say for sure whether that fix will appear in the short term. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meanwhile.

Hi, Guys — I keep checking back from time to time to see if there has been any change in this feature…

I’d really appreciate an update when you have a spare minute or two…

I know it appears just a minor irritant, (and your development people have bigger fish to fry), but the ability to go into composition mode and remove all other temptations as distractions is, to me at least, so very important that I really miss it. I have Scrivener sitting on my second monitor (it’s actually a 42" TV screen at 300% magnification because my eyesight is not so good) so much as I’d like to just switch off my Mac, focus on the TV screen and ignore Facebook, you can see it isn’t really an option because I am weak! :smiley:

Any further info about timescales to include a fix would be really, really appreciated.

Many thanks



There is a great shortcut built into every Mac program: Opt-Cmd-H. It hides everything other than the program that is currently active. I think you can even call it from within Composition Mode—so if you find yourself suddenly left with a Facebook chitter chatter thing going on another monitor, just hit that shortcut and bask in the light of your desktop background choices. :slight_smile:

That aside, we don’t give out estimates, sorry. This is just a small software company—in fact only one person makes all of Scrivener, Scapple, and now Scrivener for iOS, so there isn’t really a culture of deadlines and dated milestones around here to begin with. And yeah, sometimes it takes a while to get an obscure (I mean in the sense that statistically speaking hardly anyone even attaches multiple physical monitors to their computer in the first place, let along tries this feature and expects it to blank out all of OS X) bug fixed that is why. Not an excuse, just an explanation for why release notes are the best place to check for news on bug status.

That’s terrific. Thanks, Amber. Much obliged! Doug.