blank page and missing page numbers in chapter 1

I’m in the process of recompiling and republishing all my books (after adding a note about my new release in the end matter). I’ve encountered an odd problem in the paperback edition of one of them that I’m pretty sure wasn’t there before. Chapter one has no page numbers (it does have headers), and there is a blank page between chapters one and two. All the rest of the manuscript is normal. When I compile for Word, the blank page doesn’t show (although it goes from 7 to 9), but when I save the Word doc as a PDF, there’s the empty page. Page numbers don’t show in either format; chapter two starts at page 1. I checked my compile settings in Scrivener, comparing it to another of my books in the series, and as far as I can tell, everything is identical. I also made sure that chapter 1 has the same metadata as the other chapters (the section type is “chapter”, not “front matter”). I’m using the newest version of Scrivener for Mac, if that matters. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Disregard. See the next reply.

Do you mean you deliberately added a blank page (usually requires <$BLANK_PAGE> to do that, I think) or do you mean you didn’t want one, but Scrivener added it in Compile?

If Word export to PDF changes anything, it’s a Word issue, not a Scrivener issue.

Again, do you want the blank page or no?

At the Dropbox link is a video showing settings for headers and footers (that’s where you put page numbers). It also explains what determines the first page number.


Thanks for the reply. I don’t want a blank page, but it mysteriously showed up when I compiled. However, I found the problem (although I don’t know why it caused the problem). I’ll explain it here on the off chance anyone else ever has the same issue. In my front matter in Scrivener, I accidentally had a blank document that wasn’t supposed to be there. It didn’t have the <$BLANK_PAGE> tag; it was just an empty document. No idea how it got there. The weird thing is, the blank page in my PDF was not in the same spot (the PDF blank page came after chapter 1; the scrivener one came before it). However, when I deleted it in Scrivener, the PDF turned out fine, with page numbers showing up where they’re supposed to be and everything. Problem solved!

Have you configured your chapters to start on right-hand pages? If so, then inserting a page earlier might force Scrivener to insert a blank to get the chapter opener to the right place.