Blank page appearing only after some chapters

I’m compiling a novel and a blank page is appearing after only a few chapters and I can’t figure out why. Each folder is a chapter, no scenes or other section types. No line breaks. What should I be looking for?

It would help to know a little bit about what settings you are using to compile. Is it a PDF? What compile format are you using?

Another thing to try is to put whatever software you are using to view the result into two-page layout mode. Do the blank pages make more sense when you do that—like for instance are they always showing up on the verso side and thus pushing the chapter break to the recto side?

Manuscript format. Compiling as a Word doc. Played around with compiling to other files types, the blank pages disappear when complied as a PDF and when compiled for print.

It may be worth checking the file in Word for invisible characters to see if there are unwanted page breaks in that area, or if it is just for some reason the way Word is setting the pages, since it seems to be sporadic. If you do see additional page breaks, you can check in Scrivener as well for invisible characters (View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Invisibles). They will look like small blue bars on lines of their own—and can be removed since the Manuscript format should be handling page breaks for you.

Thanks Amber. Nothing wonky showing up in Scriv when I search for invisibles. Thanks for the reminder on how to do that. I’ll just clean up the Word file before I send to my editor. Appreciate the help.