Blank page creation

I’ve even ordered a library book on word processing. Everything online says word processors will create blank pages online at bottom of pages ,but nowhere can I read how to PREVENT these.
I want to edit my novel not train in word processing. Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth all the hassle

What does that mean, a blank page at the bottom of a page?

State the problem clearly, and someone can probably help.

That’s how email scrivener support described it - after viewing it. She asked for whole doc sent zipped - got it. Then she said what I put on the post. She never offered a solution though I think said something about reediting it all then saying I didn’t need to.
I suppose I’ll figure it out myself eventually.
What I won’t do is pay for any scrivener upgrades there are other apps available and I wish now I studied artists and yearbooks lizt of these first. Some are nominally more expensive but I’m guessing their customer support will be better. I realise they are a small team with support staff on different time zones but looking at their company stats online they make what I’d call enough profits. But there you are, my experience. When I asked apple to check if my mac had issues they said no and as scrivener was a third party they couldn’t do much. But they went out of their way to support me - what a difference

You don’t know what she wants, specifically? Maybe the document has to end with a blank page, perhaps? Without a definition of the requirement, no one can fix it.

Hi, Maureeenm61,

I am hearing your frustration and I’m sorry you are having an unhappy time of it.

I gather you are getting page breaks you didn’t expect and don’t want when you compile your draft. In order to assist you, it would be helpful to know a few things:

i) what file type you are compiling to? (pdf, Word, what?)
ii) are the page breaks something you manually entered yourself or something compile is doing on its own?
iii) what compile format are you using?
iv) Can you characterize when unwanted page breaks are happening?

For example, a common standard is having a page break before the start of chapters, so that every chapter starts on a fresh page. Maybe this is the thing you do not want. A common way you might be getting this is to have a Binder that looks like the below coupled with using a compile format that is set to automatically make a page break at every chapter folder

chapter folder
   scene doc
   scene doc
chapter folder
   scene doc
   scene doc

Any of the above sort of information you could provide might enable another user here on the forum to see what is going on and offer some assistance.

“chapter” is not a term with intrinsic meaning in Scrivener, but I think most project templates have the default separator for folders (any folders) set to a page/section break. Some templates may have a built-in section type with that setting, but I haven’t seen one personally other than, as I said, the default for folders.

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I compile with chapters of a book to word.doc text. I believe my macbook then saves the file in its ‘Pages’ app and format
That’s all i do
The blank pages seem to appear after editing.
But as aby writing advice will say you need to edit many times before your manuscript will be anywhere near ready for publishing
Even scrivener support person couldn’t help ( see above) but i reckon i got the weakest link , picked the short straw
Am old enough to have experienced customer service ranging from abysmal to excellent- in a rsnge of purposes and the customer service in my case was awful
In many jobs she’d be spoken to, warnef then sacked I’d guess sfter complaints
Also she took days to reply to each question and think she asked me more