Blank page keeps opening

Pretty minor, but still… When Scapple’s running but has no pages (boards?) open, it opens a blank one every time I switch away from it, then back to it.

I’m running Lion.

This is standard behaviour. You will see the same thing happen with other simple document based programs, such as TextEdit.

OK, thanks. I guess I don’t use too many of those.

If you have a specific board in mind that you want to load, it may feel more seamless to just double-click on that board to switch to Scapple and load it simultaneously. That will override the blank document behaviour in these sorts of programs.

Not really necessary. It’s just my obsessive tidiness. Usually I put the board I’m working with in the Dock and launch the program from there. But sometimes I close the board but want to leave the program open and ready to work — I find it disconcerting to come back to the space and find a blank board there I didn’t open.